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Black Water Holding Care

RV’s have three types of holding tanks: fresh water, grey water and black water. All are important, but blackwater holding tanks require the most care. Boaters and RV owners who don’t know how to take care of their black water tanks wind up with big problems.

Once a black water tank gets stopped up, a camper should contact a professional to fix the problem. It may be possible for an individual to fix his own tank, but the results could be questionable and the mess wouldn’t’ be worth it. The best option is proper and complete maintenance.

Tank monitors may not always be reliable – don’t count on them exclusively. If you remember to empty your black and grey water tanks every day it won’t matter anyway. Clean tanks can keep monitors working but there is more to cleaning a black water tank than just emptying it. If your tank has a backwash function, it will pressure wash the inside of the tank. If not, you can purchase a special wand that attaches to your hose. This will serve the same purpose.

The industry advises campers to use special (and expensive) chemicals to clean and sanitize black water tanks. This is not necessary. If you empty your tank in the morning and pour in some Spic N Span, the cleaner will slosh around as you drive and will help to remove leavings from tank as well as its monitor sensors.

If the tank starts to smell, empty it, and then pour Clorox in it. Fill the tank ¾ full and let it sit a bit. Empty it again and repeat. Keep doing this until you see that leavings are no longer coming from the tank. A clear plastic or an inspection port connection will allow you to do this.

The industry also advises people to use special biodegradable toilet paper. This is expensive and again, unnecessary. Scott 1000 toilet paper works great and is much less expensive. It will degrade just as well and is easier to find while traveling.

Tank size varies. Most hold around 55 gallons, but the smaller the Vessel or RV, the smaller the tank. Smaller tanks need to be emptied more often.

You need to understand how your tanks fill. Some black water tanks only fill from the toilet. Others fill from shower and/or bathroom sink water. The latter fill types are good because they always keep plenty of liquid in the tank, but they fill quickly. Monitoring tank levels visually is a good practice. Most people think that when they hook up at a marina campground, they should leave the black water tank open. This is exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. Black water tanks need to have liquid in them so that the contents can degrade. If the sewer line is left open, the liquid leaves and the solids remain. This is how tanks get stopped up.

When you arrive at a marina campground, empty the tank. Then close the line. Empty it again prior to leaving the site. Use Pine Sol or Spic N Span to sweeten the tank. Fancy deodorizers are not necessary.

Grey water tank lines should also be kept closed. This way, once you empty the black water, you can empty the grey water and it will clean the hose for you.

If you do these things, you should never smell tank odors. If you do have tank smell it’s possible you have a cracked tank. This happens for several reasons, one of which is overloading the tank.

If possible, do not wait until the tank is completely full before emptying it, even if you are just cleaning it. Water is heavy and too much weight can crack it, especially if it is an older tank.

If your tank does crack, it must be replaced. Replacement tanks in hundreds of various sizes may be found reasonably priced at Shopping for a used boat or RV? Be sure to use your nose. If you smell tank odor, don’t buy unless the owner or dealer fixes the tank before you make the purchase.

Proper care of your black water tank is simple, the time, money and upset it will save you are well worth the effort. Your vacations will be more pleasant, and your boat or RV will be a nicer place to stay.

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