RV Waste Caddy

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Portable RV Holding Tank

Todd rv waste caddy is a portable waste removal system that holds up to 28 gallons of waste, and can be rolled to a dump station. Handle grips and the proper design proportions ensure comfortable, easy balance and maneuverability when full. The Waste Caddy is easily moved on pneumatic tires and features a vented cap, a 10' long, large diameter intake hose that facilitates rapid waste transfer and a 3" slide valve for evacuation into a waste receptacle. Click on the item for further details.

Todd RV Waste Caddy
  • Dimensions: 22.5" L x 27.5" W x 41" H
  • Capacity: 28 Gallons
  • Ships From: RI
  • Part #: P93-2402
  • $599.99

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