Uniseal Slip Fittings

 See list below. Uniseal Slip Fittings

Uniseal slip fittings are an affordable option and easily installed when plumbing through a tank wall is required for the tank's specific application. These fittings can be used to attach a pipe to a container in the majority of situations where a bulkhead fitting is simply not applicable. People normally use our Uniseal slip fittings with their RV Tanks or on any other tank that has a curved surface. The principle advantages of uniseal slip fittings is that they are easy to install, are highly durable and can be easily replaced when necessary.

NameCapacitySizePart NumberPrice
Uniseal for 1/2" pipe 0.5"D UNISEAL-0050$3.50
Uniseal for 3/4" pipe 0.75"D UNISEAL-0075$3.50
Uniseal for 1" pipe 1.0"D UNISEAL-0100$3.99
Uniseal for 1.25" pipe 1.25"D UNISEAL-0125$4.50
Uniseal for 1.5" pipe 1.5"D UNISEAL-0150$4.75
Uniseal for 2" pipe 2.0"D UNISEAL-0200$5.50
Uniseal for 3" pipe 3.0"D UNISEAL-0300$6.50

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