Spray Foam Box / Cylinder Warmers

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Powerblanket Spray Foam Warmers

Extend your work season and use spray foam all winter long. This warmer uses Powerblanket heat-spreading technology to heat and maintain spray foam cylinders during transport and on the jobsite.

Powerblanket® introduces a revolutionary new heating method to keep spray foam warm and viable in cold temperatures.  Powerblanket’s® heat-spreading technology delivers targeted temperature to sensitive materials allowing construction projects to stay on-time and on-budget.  Use Powerblanket® for heating and warming spray foam, packaging, tools, and equipment.  Allows even component mixture Ensures maximum product yield Protect your expensive guns and pumps by pre-heating your foam.

Spray foam warming is an example of how Powerblanket® can provide specific heating solutions never before achieved. Roofing insulation & building contractors approached Powerblanket® in need of a solution to overcome the effects of cold weather on spray foam, asphalt, and other temperature sensitive materials. Powerblanket® moved swiftly to engineer a solution that was both effective & affordable. Powerblanket’s® heat spreading technology has endless possibilities.

NameCapacitySizePart NumberPrice
Box Warmer for 2 Part Disposable Foam Box Box Warmer for 2 Part Disposable Foam Box PB-FBW15$545.00
Box Warmer for Single Component Cylinder Box Warmer for Single Component Cylinder PB-FBW60$568.00

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