Nino Rain Barrels

  Desert Plastics Nino Series Rain Barrels

The Nino is a combination 55 gallon rain barrel and planter. It is very decorative and integrates nicely with your landscape design and home. It fits in with other planters you will have around your home. Great for Herb gardens. Without looking closely, no one will know its a rain barrel! It is compact and easily shipped. The Niño has a 3/4" drain valve with garden hose threads at the very bottom and an 1-1/2" hidden overflow. The Niño is available in 13 colors, plus an additional 13 colors with speckles. As you can see by the photo, the installation is not complicated. The downspout only needs to be just above the inlet. Some assembly is required.

The end-to-end water catchment area means it can be used in multiple positions and has a poly strainer lined screen making it simple, easy to use, and effective. The remaining area on the top is dedicated for use as a planter or planter stand. It is perfect for placing brightly colored flowers up close to your front door. Or, it's also a great place to grow your seedlings where they can be protected until they are ready to be moved.



made in the usa