Uniseal Holding Tank Slip Fittings

 See list below. Uniseal Slip Fittings

Uniseal slip fittings are great fittings for RV Holding tanks because of their ease of installation and high versatility in plumbing applications when the specific application requires that a tank wall be plumbed through. Uniseal fittings are commonly used to attach drainage pipes or hoses to a storage container and are highly durable. Most of the time when people realize their bulkhead fitting will simply not work they turn to Uniseal. Uniseal fittings have longevity, are easy to replace and are extremely cost effective.

NameCapacitySizePart NumberPrice
Uniseal for 1/2" pipe Uniseal for 1/2" pipe
Ships In 48 Hours
0.5"D 9503-UNISEAL-0050$6.99
Uniseal for 3/4" pipe Uniseal for 3/4" pipe
Ships In 48 Hours
0.75"D 9503-UNISEAL-0075$6.99
Uniseal for 1" pipe Uniseal for 1" pipe
Ships In 48 Hours
1.0"D 9503-UNISEAL-0100$7.00
Uniseal for 1.25" pipe Uniseal for 1.25" pipe
Ships In 48 Hours
1.25"D 9503-UNISEAL-0125$8.00
Uniseal for 1.5" pipe Uniseal for 1.5" pipe
Ships In 48 Hours
1.5"D 9503-UNISEAL-0150$7.99
Uniseal for 2" pipe Uniseal for 2" pipe
Ships In 48 Hours
2.0"D 9503-UNISEAL-0200$7.99
Uniseal for 3" pipe Uniseal for 3" pipe
Ships In 48 Hours
3.0"D 9503-UNISEAL-0300$11.99



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