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Note: $30 charge on all Polylok drop ship orders

Poly II High Pressure Pipe Seal

Use the POLY II for the inlet & outlet pipes on septic tanks, aerobic systems, or anywhere you need water tightness. This new hybrid seal will mount to our existing mandrel that bolts directly to the septic tank form just like the original. The Poly II will meet the vacuum & hydro-static pressure requirements of A.S.T.M. spec. C-923 for 2, 3 and 4 SCHD. 40. It will allow you the water-tightness that is now required and the flexibility of choosing what size pipe you want!



  • Accepts 2, 3 and 4 Schd. 40 and corrugated pipes
  • Prevents infiltration and exfiltration
  • No grouting for secure pipe connection
  • Fits tank walls 2 1/2 - 6
  • Free mandrels with initial order

Polylok Pipe Installation:

1.     Mandrel is cut to 1/8 less than the wall thickness of the septic tank. Mandrel is then attached with a single 3/8 carriage bolt

2.     Polylok snaps onto the mandrel and is held securely by two “friction fit” positioning posts. Form is then closed and is ready to pour and strip

3.     Once on the job site, just tear out the size you need and slide your pipe into the seal

4.     Pipe is then inserted into the seal. No leaks. No grout. It’s that simple


1.     Remove the correct size tear-out on the seal (TEAR OUT- DO NOT CUT OUT)

2.     Chamfer the OD of the pipe, removing all burrs, sharp or jagged edges

3.     Apply a minimal amount of grease to the chamfered edge of the pipe

4.     Slide the pipe into the seal

5.     Remember to always backfill properly around and underneath the pipe


  • If the product ships directly from the manufacturer, the minimum order should be 200 units.
  • If the product ships from any of our stores, the minimum order can be 1.
Technical Drawings
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Key Specs
Length 7.7"
Width 7.7"
Height 2"
Manufacturer Polylok/Zabel
Manufacturer Part Number 3002
Disclaimers A $30 Handling Fee will be added to all Polylok Dropship orders.
Shipping Height 1.69"
Shipping Length 7.7"
Shipping Weight 2lbs
Shipping Width 7.7"
Ship Class UPS