Steel Stand for 135 Gallon Tank

Steel Stand for 135 Gallon Tank

Price: $226.99  
Part Number: SRT-H-135TANK-S  
Mfr. Part Number: SRT-H-135TANK-S  
Capacity: 135 Gallons  
Dimensions: 43" L x 31"W x 18"H  
Weight: 50 lbs.  
Ships From: TX  
USD Shipping: Calculate Shipping  
Manufacturer: Sherman Tanks  
Material: Steel  
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Steel Stand for 135 Gallon Sherman Horizontal Tank

Sherman Roto Tank LLC is quickly moving to the front of its industry, building light and heavy plastic components for a wide variety of customers in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Agricultural, Marine markets. There is a strong commitment to providing products that accommodate your business needs through reliable products, quality manufacturing practices and dependable solutions.

Steel stand for SRT-H-135TANK.

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