Sight Gauge Kit (2000 Gallons or More)

Sight Gauge Kit (2000 Gallons or More)

Price: $500.00  
Part Number: A-14988  
Mfr. Part Number: 14988  
Ships From: IA  
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Manufacturer: Ace Roto-Mold / Den-Hartog  
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Reverse Liquid Level Sight Gauge Kit (2000 Gallons or More)

Kits do not include PVC tubing to house the internal float and external indicator – material may be locally sourced.
  • Gauge works in reverse order – when tank is full the level indicator is at bottom of sight tube and conversely when tank is empty the level indicator will be at top of the sight tube.
  • Product is manufactured from PVC tubing, polypropylene rope and stainless steel hardware.
  • Kits are intended to be field installed by the dealer or user in DuallineTM tanks.
  • Kits are for liquid level approximation only, not intended for precise metering applications.
ace liquid level kit

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