275 Gallon CageBuster IBC

SKU: SII-6998601B97204
Part Number: SII-6998601B97204
Capacity: 275 Gallons
Dimensions: 48"L x 40"W x 52"H
Ships From: Lincoln, NE  
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Meet the revolutionary CageBuster IBC provides a more sustainable alternative to the traditional caged IBC by delivering an IBC solution that eliminates the need for wasteful replacement bottles and refurbished cages with a superior structural IBC design. CageBuster’s 100% recyclable polyethylene construction is built to last much longer than a Caged IBC, and can consistently pass the 30 month certification test without needing a replacement bottle or cage, unlike Caged IBCs. Reason being, CageBuster’s tank wall thickness is almost 3 times thicker than a caged IBC, and it’s all plastic construction is easier to clean and won’t corrode, which offers shippers, container service companies, and end users a more viable reusable container that does not require the wasteful bottle disposal and cage refurbishment associated with the caged IBC. Best of all, the CageBuster adds all this value for not much more expense, and is designed with an identical footprint and stacking profile to the caged IBC, so making the switch to CageBuster is seamless to your operation and customers.

Snyder IBC tote tanks are built to withstand the most demanding application requirements, which is a result of unique engineering expertise and vigorous performance testing. We produce plastic, steel, and composite IBCs enabling customers to match the right tote to their specific application needs, including viscous liquid and dry handling applications.

Features & Advantages:
  • 100% Polyethylene Tank Construction resists corrosion and chemical attack associated with metal cages.
  • Free Standing Tank Design eliminates need for metal cage, which also makes exterior tank cleaning easier with no cage obstruction.
  • Revolutionary Legged Container Shape provides maximum stacking strength, and recessed protection for placard label locations.
  • Sloped Drain Trough provides faster and more complete draining than caged IBCs.
  • Unique Castle Structure provides superior strength, which resists warpage and liquid pooling issues on aging caged IBCs.
  • Innovative Stacking Lug enables CageBuster to stack with itself and most caged IBC designs.
  • 100% Recycled Plastic Pallet design provides a more robust, versatile IBC base, that is conveyor friendly and includes an “anti-skid” feature to prevent the IBC from sliding in trailers.
  • 3 Times Thicker Container Wall is molded from a more durable rotational molding process, which protects better against forklift damage.
  • Curved Radius Side Walls allows easier, more ergonomic access to top ports.
  • UN 31H2 (IBC) certified for the transportation of packing group II and III hazardous materials.
Part NumberSII-6998601B97204
Mfr. Part Number6998601B97204
Capacity (Gallons)275
Dimensions48"L x 40"W x 52"H
Weight (lbs)203
ManufacturerSnyder Industries
Technical Drawings & Guides
Technical DrawingsView Technical Drawing
Shipping FromLincoln, NE
Freight Class250
Shipping Length48
Shipping Width40
Shipping Height52
Shipping Weight (lbs)223

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