Rule 24 360 GPH 12V Submersible Bilge Pump (non-automatic)

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Rule 24 360 GPH 12V Submersible Bilge Pump (non-automatic)

The Rule model 24 bilge pump offers 360 gallons/hour pumping ability. 12-volts. Great for smaller boats, and has a removable base that's easy to clean. Rule submersible pumps are installed by many boat manufacturers because they offer good performance at a great price.
Their motors feature stainless steel shafts, water-cooling and a vibration-free centrifugal impeller that won t burn out if it runs dry. Each requires a panel switch for manual operation or a float switch for automatic operation. 3/4" discharge.
Voltage:  12 (Vdc)
Amp Draw:    2.1 (amp)
Fuse Size:  2.5 (amp)
Outlet:  3/4 inch
Height:  Pump 3 1/2 (inches ) / 89 (mm)
Width:  Pump 2 3/8 (Inches ) / 60.3 (mm)
Weight:  12 (oz) / 360 (g)
Float Switches:  35, 37, or 40
Panel Switches:  41, 43, 45, or 49

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Part Number9503-RULE-24
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