3" Poly Pump 6H.P. Honda

3" Poly Pump 6H.P. Honda

Price: $1,118.83  
Part Number: BAN-300PH-6  
Capacity: 6 Horsepower  
Dimensions: 3"  
Weight: 50 lbs.  
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Manufacturer: Banjo  
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3" Poly Pump 6 H.P. Honda



* High strength polypropylene.
* Corrosion resistant.
* Lightweight / portable.
* High performance impellers.


* Agricultural pump
* Contractor pump
* Emergency use: fires & floods

CAUTION-WARNING: Please do not run pump dry, restrict or reduce port sizes, or dead head pump. This could cause component failure to pump. DO NOT USE WITH FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS.
NOTE:Engine warranty service available at authorized Briggs & Stratton and Honda dealers.

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