55 Gallon Cone Tank 58 Degree Cone

55 Gallon Cone Tank 58 Degree Cone

Price: $130.00  
Part Number: A-IN0055-24  
Mfr. Part Number: IN0055-24  
Capacity: 55 Gallons  
Dimensions: 24"dia x 42"H  
Weight: 22 lbs.  
Ships From: IA  
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PDF Drawing: Tank Drawing  
Stand Drawing (Stand Sold Separately)  
Manufacturer: Ace Roto-Mold / Den-Hartog  
Material: Polyethylene  
Cone Degree: 58° 
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55 Gallon Cone Bottom Inductor Tank (58 Degree)

Ace Roto-Mold is a leading North American manufacturer of proprietary rotationally molded polyethylene inductor tanks for above ground water & liquid storage applications.

Tank Specifications:
Lid Size:12" Non-Vented Manway
Outlet: 2" female threaded bulkhead fitting
Specific Gravity:1.7 (14.17 lbs. per gallon)
Gallon Markers:Yes
UV InhibitorsYes
Colors:Natural White, Black, Others By Request
Metal Stand:Yes - Stand Sold Separately
Slope Degree:58
FDA Approved:Yes
NSF Approved:Yes
ANSI Approved:Yes
Uses:conical brewer beer/wine/tea, biodiesel tank, fermentation, chemical applications
Popularity:Medium. Many Prefer Full Drain Model INFD55-24.
Availability:Normally a stocked item although stands can at times be out of stock. We have many in stock options, if quick is a requirement you may want to give us a call 866-310-2556 or be sure to include a note with your online order.

Inductor Tanks are for storage and are not designed to be pressurized. Fittings, valves and pipe connected to the outlet threads must be supported.

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