800 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank

800 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank

Price: $1,694.35  
Part Number: EP-ST800FS  
Mfr. Part Number: THF00800  
Capacity: 800 Gallons  
Dimensions: 94" x 60" x 48"  
Weight: 345 lbs.  
Ships From: ND  
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Manufacturer: Enduraplas  
Material: Polyethylene  
Warranty: 7 Years  
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800 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank

Enduraplas is a leading North American manufacturer of proprietary rotationally molded horizontal polyethylene leg tanks for liquid transport & storage.

Horizontal Leg Tank Specifications:
Lid Size:16" Manway
Outlet:2" Female NPT bulkhead fitting
Specific Gravity:1.9 (15.83 lbs. per gallon)
FDA Approved:Yes
Gallon Markers:Yes
UV InhibitorsYes
Colors:White, Black, Green, Yellow
Mounting Pins:(6) Pins (AZP03)
Additional Fittings:Available By Request
DOT Approved:Yes

Horizontal Leg Tanks are for storage and are not designed to be pressurized.

enduraplas leg tank colors

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