Bolt Down Hoop for 225 and 325 Gallon Tanks (One Each)

Manufacturer Part

Bolt Down Hoops ensure secure installation of your tank, with one hoop available for each size.

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Bolt Down Hoop for 225 and 325 Gallon Tanks (One Each)

Galvanized steel horizontal leg tank support band for 225 and 325 gallon tanks ensures your tank maintains its intended shape. 

Note:  Installing any generic substitute on a Norwesco tank or container may void product warranty protection. Please ensure compatibility with your tank and suitability for your application. Contact us with any questions.

Technical Drawings
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Key Specs
Length 49"
Width 38"
Height 43"
Weight 13lbs
Material Steel
Manufacturer Norwesco
Manufacturer Part Number 60478
Shipping Height 49"
Shipping Length 49"
Shipping Weight 58lbs
Shipping Width 40"
Ship Class LTL
NMFC Code 95190-01