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Plastic-Mart launched its online presence in 2004 to offer wholesalers and consumers a one-stop shopping site for all types of rotational mold plastic storage and transportation containers.

Because we are directly linked to all the manufacturers, Plastic-Mart's distribution system is one of the fastest in the industry. Our online warehouse can instantly process transactions arranging shipment of orders in a matter of weeks, not months.

Unlike most other wholesalers, Plastic-Mart also accepts custom orders. We have access to professionals at every step including design, mold construction, and production. We can build a completed product from exact specs, or our in-house engineers can design it from the ground up. Size is not a problem - with the rotational mold process we can produce any plastic product from a two-gallon pail to a large objects up to 16 cubic feet.

Although Plastic-Mart continues to specialize in tanks, we are currently expanding our line to include retail and industrial products.

About Rotational (Roto) Molding

Rotational Molding is a major breakthrough in the world of plastic production. It offers many key advantages over other types of production like injection and blow molding (see below). But the bottom line for the consumer is that this process produces better, stronger plastics at lower cost.

Once a three-dimensional design of the product is drawn using AutoCad or similar computer software, a team of machinists tools a mold (usually aluminum) to the design specifications. The mold is then sent to the plastics manufacturer, who adds the precise amount of plastic resin (hard and granular like sugar) into the mold and clamps it shut. Workers place the loaded mold into a large oven, which rotates it along both axis like a giant gyroscopic rotisserie. The aluminum heats up quickly, melting the plastic resin and coating the inside of the mold evenly. After the finished product cools and is lifted from the mold, it is inspected and shipped to the customer.

The Rotational Molding process offers several advantages over other plastic production methods:

•  Better control over plastic thickness

•  Thicker, stronger corners

•  Seamless construction

•  Unlimited design options including double walls, ribbing, and textured surfaces

•  Less expensive mold tooling

•  Larger and more complex pieces can be manufactured as one piece, saving assembly costs and    allowing stronger construction

•  Faster, cheaper color changes

•  Logo/picture/text can be inserted directly into the plastic for longer wear!

Rotationally Molded Tanks and Parts:

•  All dimensions are outside part dimensions in inches and may vary by the Standard Rotational Molding Tolerance of +/- 3%

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