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Black Water Holding Tanks

Recreational vehicles and boats equipped with toilets utilize black water tanks to hold sewage and waste water until it can be properly disposed of. Depending on the design of the RV or boat, black and gray water (waste water from sinks, showers, and laundry machines) may share a tank, or flow into separate ones. Regardless of tank size and tributaries, it's recommended to empty the black water holding tank daily since waste accumulates quickly, and before traveling to reduce cargo weight.

The owner's manual of the RV or boat provides instructions for proper care and maintenance of the black water tank, along with a diagram displaying the tank's location, so replacement tank measurements can be taken when needed. Holding tanks are available in a variety of dimensions to fit their allotted spaces in RV's and boats, with capacities ranging from 3 to 150 gallons, and customizable fittings to meet the vehicle's specifications. Made from rotationally- molded polyethylene, these black water holding tanks are designed to resist corrosion and cracking over a long lifespan, helping to keep any surprises from occurring while you're on the open road or the high seas.



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