Stand for 48" Diameter Cone Bottom Tanks

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Stand for CRMI 48" Diameter Cone Bottom Tanks

CRMI-48CBS | Custom Roto-Molding, Inc.’s stands are a must when purchasing a cone bottom tank. Cone bottom tanks are designed to drain contents quickly and more completely, but they need a stand in order to support them and keep them upright. CRMI’s stands are made from welded steel and are a stronger, more durable solution than plastic alternatives. These stands can handle outdoor environments well. Besides keeping cone bottom tanks stable, these stands also provide a level platform from which to operate the tank. This allows you to use the tanks more effectively and with little trouble. When purchasing a stand, be sure it matches the cone bottom tank you intend to use it for. This stand is designed to support a 48-inch diameter cone bottom tank.

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Stand for CRMI 48" Diameter Cone Bottom Tanks include:

  • Made of Welded Steel
  • Designed to support 48" Diameter Cone Bottom Tank only

Technical Drawings
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Key Specs
Length 48"
Width 48"
Height 30"
Weight 145lbs
Manufacturer Custom Roto Mold
Manufacturer Part Number 48CBS
Shipping Height 30"
Shipping Length 48"
Shipping Weight 145lbs
Shipping Width 48"
Ship Class LTL