Type A Viton Gasket for 1 1/2" and 2" Bulkhead Fitting

Manufacturer Part
Bolted polypropylene fittings are equipped with 316 stainless steel bolts and come standard with EPDM gaskets. Viton gaskets are available as an option for the fittings.

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Type B Viton Gasket For 2" Bulkhead Fittings 63481, 60405, 61767, & 1-1/2" Bulkhead Fitting 60124

This item must be ordered with a fitting, it can not be ordered separate loose.

If you are ordering an extra fitting to be installed on a tank with this gasket there will not be an install fee for the gasket because it will have already been added with the extra fitting. When only ordering a gasket swap out on a standard outlet fitting there will still be a 50.00 fee.
Key Specs
Length 3"
Width 3"
Height 1"
Weight 1lbs
Manufacturer Norwesco
Manufacturer Part Number 60523
Shipping Height 8"
Shipping Length 8"
Shipping Weight 1lbs
Shipping Width 8"
Ship Class UPS