3000 Gallon 30 Degree Plastic Cone Bottom Tank in White

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3000 Gallon 30 Degree Cone Bottom Tank

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The Ace Roto-Mold 96 Inch Long 3000 Gallon 30 Degree Plastic Cone Bottom Tank is engineered for the safe and efficient storage of liquids. Its cone-shaped bottom allows for easy and complete drainage of the stored liquid, while its high-quality plastic construction makes it resistant to corrosion and impact damage. The tank's design allows for easy installation and maintenance, while its large capacity and cone bottom make it ideal for industrial and agricultural applications. The tank features a vented lid and a threaded outlet for easy access and control of the stored liquid.
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Key Specs
Diameter 96"
Gallon Capacity 3000
Lid Size 16"
Max Temperature 120 F/48 C
Shape Cone Bottom
Specific Gravity 1.7
Cone Degree 30
Length 96"
Width 96"
Height 126"
Weight 552lbs
Material Polyethylene
Manufacturer Ace Roto-Mold
Manufacturer Part Number CB3000-96
Color White
Warranty 3 years years
Shipping Height 96"
Shipping Length 126"
Shipping Weight 552lbs
Shipping Width 96"
Ship Class OVS