50 Gallon Urethane Gray Water Bladder Tank

Manufacturer Part

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Fol-Da-Tank Collapsible Tanks for Water Shuttle and Storage (Pillow Style)

Please Note: The tank dimensions show a +/- of 6” when filled. Once the tank is filled with water the length and width will shrink.

It was more than fifty years ago that the first Fol-Da-Tank was introduced to firefighters, who recognized its value and quality immediately. In fact, the quality was so good many of these original models are still on the job, performing like new.


Fol-Da-Tank has proved to be the practical answer as an extra water supply for rural areas, where water pressure is low or as a back-up facility for municipal fire departments.


  • Fire Fighting – Water shuttle and storage
  • Construction sites
  • Feeding livestock
  • Mixing fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides
  • For parks and nurseries – anywhere water sources are scarce
  • Drinking water source

The tanks are NOT designed for handling petroleum products.


  • Potable water fabric NSF/ANSI 61 standard
  • Eleven standard sizes
  • Compact – easy to store – folds down to 18”x18”x18”
  • Resists chemical contamination, mildew, rot, and solar heat
  • RF welded seams for longer life
  • Severe weather tolerance to -40 F
  • Fills and empties in minutes by pump or gravity flow
  • Easily handled by one person
  • 1-1/2” ball valve with female threads included on tanks under 2000 gallons
  • 2” ball valve and cam lock fitting included on tanks over 2000 gallons
  • Large 4” fill opening
  • Transportable by truck

Warranty – The 8130 PW3 NSF/FDA Vinyl is offered with a seven year limited warranty for weathering.


Physical Membrane Specifications

Base - Type : Polyester
Fabric – Weight: 6.5 oz. / sq. yd.
Finished Coated Weight:
Method 5041
28 +2 -1 oz / sq. yd.

Tongue Tear:
Method 5134
(8 x 10 sample size)

220 lbs / 220 lbs
Trapezoid Tear:
Method 5136
65 lbs / 65 lbs
Grab Tensile:
Method 5100
540 lbs / 540 lbs
Strip Tensile:
Method 5102
400 / 350 lbs. / in.
Adhesion (min.):
Method 5970
10 lb. / in.
Hydrostatic Resistance:
Method 5512
500 psi
Dead Load:
Room Temperature:
2” seam, 210 lbs, 105 lbs
106 F / 71 C
Cold Crack:
Pass -40 F
Key Specs
Gallon Capacity 50
Lid Size 8"
Length 52"
Width 36"
Height 9"
Material Urethane
Manufacturer Fol-Da-Tank
Manufacturer Part Number GW50
Shipping Height 9"
Shipping Length 36"
Shipping Weight 14lbs
Shipping Width 52"
Ship Class UPS