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Note: $30 charge on all Polylok drop ship orders

Polylok solves the problem of anchoring attachments to your concrete forms. Our mold fastening nails allow you to simply anchor mold attachments quickly and for less cost than older, time consuming methods. Quickly attach accessories to your mold such as: pulling irons, block-outs, unistrut clips, hole formers and lighting panel couplings. Attachments can be anchored with precision every time with our mold fastening nails. Polylok’s mold fastening nails are the simplest, most economical way to anchor mold attachments. The hole will self seal allowing you to drill as many holes as needed without compromising the form integrity.

  • If the product ships directly from the manufacturer, the minimum order should be 1000 units.
  • If the product ships from any of our stores, the minimum order can be 1.
Technical Drawings
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Key Specs
Length 3"
Width 1"
Height 2"
Manufacturer Polylok/Zabel
Manufacturer Part Number 30401
Disclaimers A $30 Handling Fee will be added to all Polylok Dropship orders.
Shipping Height 1.83"
Shipping Length 3"
Shipping Weight 2.5lbs
Shipping Width 1"
Ship Class UPS