50 Gallon Portable Flat Bottom Utility Tank in White Without Fitting

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Flat bottom utility tanks have a wide range of uses. They are often mounted on trucks or trailers for tasks like lawn care, pest control, construction, trade work, mobile washing, motorsports, and outdoor recreation.

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50 Gallon Portable Flat Bottom Utility Tank in White Without Fitting

Like the PCO tank, the Flat Bottom Utility tank is versatile for many applications. It is the perfect choice for placing in the bed of a pickup truck and can be used with or without bands.

  • UV inhibitors protect against direct sunlight.
  • Gallon indicators for quick view of liquid level.
  • Top-quality plastic for durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Lightweight and portable, ideal for various applications from DIY projects to commercial use.
  • Commonly used for hauling or stationary purposes, perfect for pickup trucks.
  • User-friendly platform for easy customization with fittings and accessories.


Technical Drawings
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Key Specs
Gallon Capacity 50
Gallon Indicators 1
Lid Size 8"
UV Inhibitors Yes
Specific Gravity 1.5
Orientation Portable
Length 38"
Width 19"
Height 23"
Weight 26lbs
Material Polyethylene
Manufacturer Norwesco
Manufacturer Part Number 42342
Color Black
Warranty 3 years years
Shipping Height 23"
Shipping Length 38"
Shipping Weight 27lbs
Shipping Width 19"
Ship Class UPS