1250 Gallon Plastic Vertical Liquid Storage Tank with Fittings in White

Manufacturer Part

Vertical storage tanks are commonly used for storing large quantities of liquids and for mobile applications. Our tanks are designed with features including tie-down slots, gallon indicators, an offset fill-opening, and a lid that allows for ventilation while preventing spills.

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With 82 years of experience in the market, Norwesco leads the industry of polyethylene tanks with impeccable customer trust and experience. Norwesco offers the highest quality products in the market along with the best reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their wide variety of polyethylene tanks makes them the perfect choice for that industrial or personal project that one may have.

Vertical storage tanks are used for industrial, agricultural, and commercial chemical storage purposes. Liquids that can be stored in these tanks are Water, Calcium Chloride, DEF, Ethyl Alcohol, Ferric Chloride, Ferric Sulfate, Hydrochloric Acid, Biodiesel, Fertilizer, Phosphoric Acid, Polymers, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sulfuric Acid, Urea, Brine, Agricultural Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals and many more.

1250 Gallon Plastic Vertical Liquid Storage Tank with Fittings in White

  • Standard Color Natural White or Black (Additional Cost & Lead Time)
  • Tanks are translucent white with gallon markers
  • Made from rotationally molded polyethylene resin for seamless, durable, and crack-resistant construction.
  • Includes UV inhibitors to protect liquid contents from direct sunlight, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Norwesco was the first polyethylene tank producer to receive NSF61 certification for potable water tanks, with certified tanks from six manufacturing facilities. Check the NSF Certification document for more details.


Key Specs
Diameter 60"
Gallon Capacity 1250
Lid Size 16"
Specific Gravity 1.5
Orientation Vertical
Length 60"
Width 60"
Height 114"
Weight 255lbs
Material Polyethylene
Manufacturer Norwesco
Manufacturer Part Number 44356
Color White
Warranty 3 years years
Shipping Height 60"
Shipping Length 114"
Shipping Weight 255lbs
Shipping Width 60"
Ship Class LTL