Holding Tank Pump-out Kit

Holding Tank Pump-out Kit

Price: $59.99  
Part Number: TRI-DT-30  
Weight: 5 lbs.  
Ships From: WI  
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Manufacturer: Trionic  
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Holding Tank Pump-out Kit Features:

Installation instructions for the DT-30 holding tank pump out
  • Drill 3 Diameter Hole In Polyethylene Holding Tank (Use Hole Saw to drill the hole in the side of the tank).
  • Measure the tank dimensions From The Bottom Of Inside Of Tank To The Top Outside Of Tank.
  • Take The Dimension Less 6. This Is Length Of Pvc required For Pumpout.
  • Glue Foot And Bulk Head Fitting Onto Pvc (Use Primer Than Clear Cement Designed For Pvc).
  • Push 2 Uniseal Into 3 Diameter Hole.
  • Lubricate Outside Diameter Of Pvc Fitting With Liquid Soap.
  • Press Pvc Fitting Into 2 Uniseal

The Holding Tank Pump-out Kit is available for sale nationwide.

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