325 Gallon Spill Containment Tray

325 Gallon Spill Containment Tray

Price: $407.99  
Part Number: A-OP0325-RT  
Mfr. Part Number: OP0325-RT  
Capacity: 325 Gallons  
Dimensions: 96"L x60"W x 24"H  
Weight: 205 lbs.  
Ships From: IA  
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Manufacturer: Ace Roto-Mold / Den-Hartog  
Material: Polyethylene  
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325 Gallon Spill Containment Tray

-Primary use as a secondary containment tank.
-Tank sidewalls must be supported to prevent bowing or failure.
-Low profile for easy access.
-Double wall rim around the perimeter for strength.
-Hand-holds provided on each side for handling.
-Flat bottom for inner tank stability.
-Tanks nest together for transport and storage.

Standard weight tanks are designed for chemicals with specific gravity of 1.70.

115 lbs.

Shipping Notes:
Ship Class: 300
Shipping Weight: 198 Lbs.
Pallet Quantity: 1 to 5

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