Ronco Rectangular Tank Cover

Manufacturer Part
Black but durable, this lid is the perfect fit for any rectangle tank. This top may look like a shoe box, but it majestically sits over the top of the lip of the tank, like a match made in heaven.

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R-R1804XXF, Ronco Rectangular Tank Cover.

 Ã‚ Â Shoebox style lid, to sit over the top of the lip of the tank. We recommend purchasing the cover with the tank to reduce combined shipping costs.
Key Specs
Length 18"
Width 4"
Height 4"
Weight 3lbs
Manufacturer Ronco Plastics
Manufacturer Part Number R1804XXF
Shipping Height 4"
Shipping Length 18"
Shipping Weight 3lbs
Shipping Width 4"
Ship Class UPS
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