75 Gallon Urethane Chemical Resistant Bladder Tank

Manufacturer Part
Fold-Da-Tank is a proven practical answer as an extra water supply for rural areas, where water pressure is low or as a back-up facility for municipal fire departments. Other applications for shuttling water for quick setup - construction sites, clean shower water and gray water storage, parks and nurseries, and rain water harvesting to name a few. Fold-Da-Tank's fabric is made of exceptional quaity and value for potable water (NSF/ANSI 61 wuality), gray storage, and chemical resistant applications. Comes standard with a 4" opening, and either a 1.5" ball valve.

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75 Gallon Chemical Resistant Bladder Pillow Tank

Fol Da Tank is a leading North American manufacturer of bladder pillow tanks for water, liquid & chemical storage applications.

Please Note: The tank dimensions show a +/- of 6” when filled. Once the tank is filled with water the length and width will shrink.
Key Specs
Gallon Capacity 75
Lid Size 8"
Length 54"
Width 42"
Height 9"
Weight 16lbs
Material Urethane
Manufacturer Fol-Da-Tank
Manufacturer Part Number CR75
Shipping Height 7"
Shipping Length 22"
Shipping Weight 20lbs
Shipping Width 20"
Ship Class UPS