2550 Gallon Plastic Vertical Water Storage Tank in Black

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Norwesco’s 2550 gallon plastic water tanks are designed to be an effective water storage solution for numerous needs. These vertical tanks can be used for a variety of purposes, including irrigation, collecting rainwater, farming, natural disaster preparation and municipal utilities. Built for above-ground applications, these tanks have superior strength and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The polyethylene resin is UV stabilized to limit sun damage and extend the longevity of these tanks. These tanks can be used to store Potable water because the resin has been FDA approved. Black and green tanks block out the green spectrum of light, which fights against algae growth. This is a 1.0 specific gravity tank.

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Your 2550 Gallon Water Tank Comes With:

16" Vented Manway
1-1/2" Female NPT Threaded Bulkhead Inlet Fitting
2" Female NPT Threaded Bulkhead Outlet Fitting

Common Uses:

  •   Fresh Safe Potable water Storage
  •   Emergency Water Storage Water Storage
  •   Rainwater Collection Systems
  •   Garden Rainwater Collection Barrels
Technical Drawings
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Key Specs
Diameter 93"
Gallon Capacity 2550
Lid Size 16"
Specific Gravity 1.1
Orientation Vertical
Length 93"
Width 93"
Height 95"
Weight 325lbs
Material Polyethylene
Manufacturer Norwesco
Manufacturer Part Number 43812
Color Black
Warranty 3 years years
Shipping Height 95"
Shipping Length 93"
Shipping Weight 325lbs
Shipping Width 93"
Ship Class OVS