7500 Gallon HDPE Vertical Liquid Storage Tank with ASTM Certification

Manufacturer Part

Snyder Industries 7500 Gallon Industrial ASTM Vertical Liquid Storage Tank

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 7500 Gallon Snyder Industries Vertical Liquid Storage Tank Includes:

  • 18” Manway
  • Outlet Fitting : Tank does not come standard with an outlet fitting, any fittings must be requested (additional charges will apply).
  • Buyer, and user, if different, are solely responsible for making product selection and assuring chemical to be stored is suitable for the use of the product in the application.
  • Temperature: Prevent excessive heat near or inside the tank. Standard polyethylene tnaks are designed for a maximum continuous temperature of 100 deg F / 37.7 deg C.
  • Pressure: Tanks are not pressure vessels and are designed for atmospheric pressure only.
  • Venting: Venting equipment should be sized to limit pressure or vacuum in the tank to a maximum of 1/2 water (0.018 psi). Additional precautions may be required if the tank will be filled pneumatically (using air pressure). Failure to provide proper venting will void your warranty
  • Installation: Do not ridigly pipe tanks. Flexible connectors are required at fitting connections to maintain warranty.
  • Translucent white allows for level visibility
  • Gallon Indicators

1.9 Specific Gravity Tank (Holds 15.83 lbs. Per Gallon)

Technical Drawings
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Key Specs
Diameter 102"
Gallon Capacity 7500
Lid Size 18"
Max Temperature 120
Specific Gravity 1.9
Length 102"
Width 102"
Height 234"
Weight 3000lbs
Manufacturer Snyder Industries
Manufacturer Part Number 7440000N45
Color White
Warranty 3 years
Shipping Height 102"
Shipping Length 234"
Shipping Weight 3000lbs
Shipping Width 102"
Ship Class OVS